About Us

For those who don’t know us, Ray and I (Mary Anne) are Canadian. We came to Burundi in 2002 at the end of a long civil war that was still going on in the country. We came for three months to help a friend who has a children’s home and a school she started for the orphans in her care. We are still here!

Although we are now in our 70’s there is still lots to dream about and things to do.  It seems that everything that has ever happened in our lives is for this time.

The greatest cost of leaving Canada was leaving our two wonderful daughters, their husbands and our now fifteen grandchildren. We are very thankful to all the support from friends and family.

In 2004 there was a massacre on the border of Burundi and E.Congo. We took a little 3-month-old boy who survived into our lives to raise as our own. His name is Boss David and a real joy to us and our family.

Funds were raised to secure a building for the children and widows who survived the massacre. It was at this time we began our relationship with our friend  Ruben and his wife Joli (Mama Be a)who are refugees from E.Congo. It is a privilege to serve alongside them facilitating care, education and support for widows and orphans as a result of the ongoing war and insecurity in this region of Africa.

With the ongoing support of generous donors a training centre is being developed on a recently purchased piece of land on the Ruzizi plain in Congo.


The vision for this land is a place for training the local people in different areas of education.  Training teachers, pastors and family is one of seven pillars we see as vital for the ongoing building into the country. Building hope through an attitude of serving is our main focus. On the land, we have in the mountains of Congo land agriculture is being developed, children’s homes being built, a school and projects to help the people provide for their families and the many orphans.

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