Looking ahead

We have been in Canada now for one full year. Due to the Covid virus and restrictions everywhere we have not been able to make plans for any future travel to Africa. The challenges continue in so many ways but we do know our time in Africa is not finished.

Through the waiting and wondering we look forward to the time we can return there for however long it may be.

Time with family here in Canada has been a wonderful gift. We are so blessed by each one and are thrilled to watch their lives move on in so many amazing ways. I’m thankful for every bit of time we have had with them.

Our son Boss David, now finishing year 12 has been a joy as always. As he finishes this year and looks to what is ahead for himself as far as further education I am amazed how quickly life has changed.

Getting older has had it’s interesting times and I’m thankful for Ray and the laughs we can have together. At times it is a stretch to continue to believe we are still not too old to dream dreams and experience some of them this side of eternity.

Due to technology issues I have almost quit trying to write and publish this blog but here I am moving along however slowly to further share thoughts and news about life here and there in Africa.

until next time….Mary Anne