A new season

As of the end of August 2019 I…we (Ray,

Boss and I) are living back in Vernon B.C. Canada. It has been a challenging but right decision for us. I particularly have experienced grieving in leaving the life we were part of in Africa for 18 years.

Ray continues travelling to Africa every six months or so and is connected closely with the team of people who are carrying the ongoing vision in DRC and Rwanda. They are serving their people and faithfully sharing the truth of God’s word through every aspect of their lives.

We felt it was important to plan for the next step for Boss David’s final years of secondary school and his preparation for University. It has proven to be an important year for him. He is working hard and with the care of his teachers this year, he is doing well. We are thankful for the Christian school he is able to attend.

As I was thinking and being prompted by family and friends to get into writing again, I realized there was a gap between Africa and Canada in my thinking. It seemed I have two lives and how do I connect all the dots from there to here. Perhaps that doesn’t make much sense to you out there. The best I have been able to come up with in my thoughts is that God has been weaving a tapestry of my life from the beginning and the dark and light colourful threads are producing a beautiful creation only He could and is still doing. So…this tapestry continues. One day, hopefully not in the too far future, I can return to visit friends and ongoing work in the part of Africa I have come to love and is part of me now. Living in Canada is peaceful of course and being close to family and friends here is a blessing. I am grateful to God He knows the future and that causes me to find rest in Him and His ways.

While in Canada we are prayerfully considering how to raise the profile of the ongoing involvement in Africa. Fund raising and making contacts for the future is a priority. We are thankful for all those who have supported us and the dear people we live and work with in Africa. Because of your input and prayers, lives are changed and there is hope for a good future, whether through education, or projects to help people care for their families and villages.

New Hope Centre in Rwanda is a peaceful, safe place for the children that Ruben rescued after a turbulent time in 2004. Many of them are now in college, thanks to those who have helped, and believing their lives will make a difference.

Emmanuel Centre, in the high plateau of DRC, is still a safe place where many orphans have found family and an education. During all the times of war in that area recently many have fled into the centre for safety. The centre has continued to be a safe refuge even while all around villages have been burned.

Rutemba village and five surrounding villages on the Ruzizi plain of DRC, are experiencing many coming to faith in God. They are being baptized and then reaching out to those who do not know God, growing food crops, and children are being able to attend school. With the recent well being drilled, it is like a miracle for them, as they no longer have to walk several miles to get clean water.

God can anything you know, far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams. He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. The Message Bible…Ephesians 3:20-21