What are you building?

it takes patience and courage

Encourage one another and build one another up.”

NAJENGA Congo is all about an attitude of building hope by serving people in this region of Africa.

Recently when the well was drilled on our Najenga land, there was a huge expression of hope among the villages around our land. For the first time ever in their lives, accessible water will be a reality for them. Not just water, but clean water that won’t make them sick. It presents a hope that young children and vulnerable adults will be free from the diseases that have come from bad water.

We can see the difference in the lives of children and adults when they have hope.

Education, in a variety of ways, provides hope and a future for people. There are many testimonies of young people we have been able to help get an education because of generous people who have given to make this possible.

I will share with you more of the progress that is happening in Najenga and other projects in subsequence posts.

  Thank you for reading.