Back in Africa

It is 2am here in Burundi and jet lag plus a sore throat and a cold keep me up drinking hot lemon and honey.  My thoughts go to our time in Canada with family and friends, conversations we had and the memories that were made. I treasure each one.

Spending time with our family was a joy.  Over the years we have missed many celebrations with them but I am thankful that this summer there were several opportunities to be together.

I see how strategic our time was in Canada, travelling from place to place endeavouring to be an encouragement and receiving encouragement which came in abundance.  I, we, are part of a big family connected across the world.

This summer, Barney Coombs, a dear man who was a father to us passed into glory.  It was a time of much emotion but also thankfulness for his life and all he gave to us and many others, in faith, wisdom and love. He has left an amazing legacy.

During the time in Canada, a couple of our friends began a battle against cancer.  It is sobering and causes me to meditate on what is important in this earth life and that I am part of an eternal family.

This is from a book by Priscilla Shirer called God is Able

“We are living right this minute on a tiny dot of time within a vast sea of God moments.  The ripple effect of today’s prayer, today’s faith, today’s now, spirals out in all directions for all eternity, bumping somewhere here, affecting something there, all under God’s watchful eyes and wisdom.  Each time we turn to Him, each time we trust, each time we bring our all to the surpassing greatness of His all, we find ourselves instantly connected to every future time zone where His ability lives. We link up across generations where He is already working, present tense, to make His glory known.”

So here I am again in Africa trying to unpack and sort out “stuff” from suitcases and thinking about what is ahead for this next season here.  Transitions are challenging for me and I ask God to help me live in His grace and love, patient and with faith.  One thing Barney, our friend who went on to be with the Lord this summer always said to me was, “don’t react to situations but respond to the Holy Spirit.”  Yes, good advice…… He also would say “if what you say or write is not by faith, in faith, don’t say anything.”  This also is good advice.  Thank you, Barney.

Til next time, Mary Anne