Here,There and Everywhere

These days it is challenging to keep my thoughts and heart responses positive.  News comes from here….there….and everywhere full on with emotional wrenching force.    Hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorist attacks in Europe and North America and  in this region of Africa where we live and many areas of the world  people are living in extreme hunger, poverty and war.

This past week we visited a little village in Congo where we spend time with dear little children with ready smiles, tummies showing through rags and partial coverings on their little dirty bodies.  Hugs and a little bon bon just doesn’t seem like much for such deep needs in their lives.  I wonder how they can show such resilience in the face of more than difficult situations.

These children and the village they are from just survived a few days where rebel militia came through their land with declarations of war.  I can’t imagine the fear they felt hiding in their  little mud huts for hours, and yet they continue to play and laugh seemingly oblivious or at least able to “get on’ with their simple life in a way that I can not understand.

Many people we know have fled in fear from this region where injustice and  war continually hangs heavy over daily life.

I was recently going through some books I wanted to give to some children who we relocated to another country because it is dangerous for their tribe to be here.  So many people have fled leaving all their belongings behind, not knowing where they will live or what they will do.  We know they will never come back to this country because it is not safe   for them here.  This reality continually impacts me deeply.

My way of dealing with the suffering and great pain around is often to close my heart off to protect myself from it all but I am again reminded not to do that but to keep pouring love out to those around.

Matthew 10 in The Bible says “If you forget abut yourself (and how you feel) and look to Me, you find both yourself and Me.” Christ attitude about hearts was to pour them out not to try to protect them. 
(from an article by Ann VosKamp)

Amazing thing happens when my heart is open, I see so much beauty even in the midst of great sadness. God’s creation is beautiful.


The Lord is the one who will bring to pass all His will. Is.46:11 “What I have said, that will I bring about;what I have planned, that will I do.” He has a plan and even though I don’t understand it, He will bring it about in His time.

Trusting in God and His sovereignty and faithfulness is where I can find peace.