just saying

Just saying..despite the challenges that are occurring due to political issues, I am very thankful to be living in this area of Africa.

I wish I could take a picture that would capture all the colour, sounds, beauty and challenges that are unfurled before me in daily life here.

Trying to write a blog is a journey of courage for me because I know so many people who write exceptionally and express themselves much more adequately than I do.
Recently I have been encouraged to continue to write this blog, sharing what I can and how I can. There are amazing people and wonderful things happening that should be shared ….so I continue in this space.

There are treasures hidden in daily life that can easily be overlooked and lately I have realized just how much beauty there is all around. Giving thanks opens my eyes.
Yesterday I was in town walking on a street full of holes and strewn with garbage. Two little boys came up to me asking for money . They were ragged, dirty and obviously hungry. I didn’t have any small change but my friend with me did and gave them some. The smallest of the boys came alongside me putting his hand in mine and began to walk with me. I looked down and saw his huge smile. He walked along with me until I had to go into a shop and then he left. I can still feel his little dirty hand in mine and am aware his life is a precious gift.

This week we had the privilege to visit again an organization The Cries of a Child, run by dear friends living here in Burundi, Isai and Samantha Torres. Ray was speaking at the weekly meeting they have with staff and people from the area. It was a real joy to be with them. They all are carrying huge burdens for hundreds of people who come daily in the clinic they run and the social program for women and babies. They also have two homes for abandoned children on the land they have.

Nadine, a little girl rescued and cared for by this lady.
Samantha with a 5 year old girl

These are two children suffering from malnutrition. It is a sad situation as there are many people starving these days in areas of Burundi and Congo.
The little five year old girl was brought to the care centre by her ten year old sister who walked several miles with her on her back. These are just two of many we saw this week. Many children are abandoned because the mother has died or the people who could perhaps care for them don’t have even enough food for themselves. It is almost impossible to imagine what this is like.
In the midst of this though we are seeing heroes who are working and praying, being light and love among the dark times. It is important to focus on this and continue to encourage where we can, helping to carry the load that at times can seem unbearable.

My heart is stirred to keep believing Gods word, that He sees, and He cares. He works through willing people who depend on Him and His strength.
Even a cup of cold water with love accomplishes much. There is much we all can do to help. May we do so.