Pressing On

We are still here!

I have not written in this blog since April, not knowing how to communicate the sense of sadness and anger at the injustice I see all around me this year.  It didn’t seem helpful to share more bad news to people who daily are bombarded with it over the news. I will say that the situation in the country here is not secure and no one knows what will happen in the months ahead but no matter what we are living in the present and trusting God knows and cares.  I was reading the the other day…This is my Father’s world, let me not forget, that though the wrong seems so strong, My God is Ruler yet.

This summer while seeing a Dr. about some health issues I was informed I probably needed to process the emotional things I had seen, heard about and live amongst here in this country at this time.  I found my time in Canada during the past months have helped me greatly just being with family and friends in a country where we have the privilege of so much peace and order.  While I didn’t see a counsellor to get help I sense a new awareness of God’s faithfulness in a huge way  in my life and our lives as a family. I know the way forward living here in Africa and travelling back and forth to Canada is in God’s plan for this time. The love and support of family and friends is an amazing encouragement and strength. It is with renewed vision and sense of purpose filled with faith and encouragement from our church leaders I know I can press on into all that is before me and for us as a family.

So, just to say, there is hope for the future because of God’s faithfulness and in turn it is possible to share that hope with the lives we touch daily.

Our friends came to visit us in the spring and helped greatly in stirring us to keep pressing on….

Mathongo, Andrew Freeman, Charlie Whitley, David Freeman and Emmando

In the background is the training centre being built outside Uvira DRCongo.

Thanks to all who continue to support us and all we are involved with here.  I will endeavour to keep more up to date with happenings as we press on.