Perspective 2


The youngest children in New Hope Centre Rwanda.


Albert  Einstein said…… There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

The sixth house finished in Emmanuel Centre.
The Emmanuel Centre school finished!

Your perspective is the way you see something.
A Latin root word meaning “look through” or perceive and all the meanings of perspective has something to do with looking.

Figurative meaning—-“mental outlook over time”

We are living in a region of Africa which seems very unstable in every way. It is important we see things rightly to be able to continue in what we feel we are here to be part of.
These months I have found my thoughts don’t translate into words. The reasons for this are unclear however I know my heart is full of sadness for the injustice I see all around. Many friends have just left their homes,personal things and moved on. They have no intention to return. In a few weeks life changed.
Hundreds of thousands of people left their homes and land, businesses, churches and moved, either to refugee camps or other places where extended family or friends are in Rwanda, Tanzania or Congo, Belgium etc.

Our perspective we find is clearly one of seeing life through the truth of Gods word and His faithfulness. If we didn’t believe that we could not continue in the midst of things around us. There is beauty in the mess and hard times.  We only have to keep the right focus.

After fourteen years living here we have come to understand some aspects of life however we still don’t “get” so much of the culture and the years of fear and turmoil people have gone through and still are going through.
Daily we hear of arrests, torture and killing. With all the African and U.N. leaders coming to try to work out some type of dialogue between opposition and government there seems to be not much progress. Even today a body was found in the river and an opposition person arrested.
More controls are coming with a census being taken for foreigners.

Through all the “happenings” as horrific they are we continue to see people push ahead with smiles and hope. It is hard to imagine how they can continue year after year but they do. We have much to learn from their resilience.

Over in Congo building is continuing on our land. Ecole Shalom in Uvira with 900 students is doing well.
Our friend David Freeman will be doing another teacher training with our staff there in April. We are thrilled that his son Andrew will be joining him.
Our friends and pastors in Vernon Christian Fellowship in Vernon will also be with us for two weeks for which we are excited about.
Our children in Emmanuel Centre, the village in the high plateau of Congo are doing well. The school is finished now and the sixth house for mamas and children is also finished. The agriculture project is producing well, the cows producing milk and the flour mill producing flour.

This coming week we plan to travel by road to Rwanda to see Ruben and the New Hope children we relocated from here. They are doing well but we are praying about plans for the future for them.
Pastor Ruben is still in Rwanda but his wife, Jolie and their own children are now living in Nairobi Kenya where the children are in school.

Thankyou to all who continue to support all the children we care for.  We see Gods faithful care daily.  We are in prayer for provision and direction for the New Hope children and know God cares even more than we do for them.

Thankyou too for support you have given to us over these years.  Words are not adequate to express our hearts.

Our love and thanks…on behalf of the children.