Looking beyond.

Looking to the future, beyond the present crisis in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa …we stand in faith.

looking to the future!
looking to the future!

We cannot change what has and is happening in the area of Africa we live and work in.  To believe God is Sovereign over His people and that He has a great plan is where we put our hope and faith.

The government of God…His Kingdom continues to move ahead no matter the circumstances around the world.  We see so dimly but beyond our sight there is much happening in the heavenly realms which we sense but do not comprehend.

We have been privileged to know many people who are standing in faith  in God during the crisis in Burundi and Great lake area of Africa.  No government or organisation has the ability to “fix” what is occurring in these days.  Only God can do this.  So we pray along with thousands of others daily fixing our eyes on the one who knows all things….beyond the violence and injustice.

So many friends have been uprooted from homes and jobs not knowing what will happen in the weeks and months ahead.  As for us…Ray and I, we continue to proceed with the vision God has given us and we are believing what is of Him will stand in the midst of much injustice,conflict and fear.

For me, I have been displaced from our home in Burundi and from Ray for over 8 weeks and recently Ray joined Boss and I here in Canada for a short time before we return again to Burundi. This time has enabled me to further understand just a wee bit what thousands of others are going through to a much greater degree.  I can’t imagine the trauma so many have experienced.

We have a wonderful family and church family who have supported us in so many ways from lending vehicles, keeping us in their homes, finances and on and on.  I have appreciated that all our family and friends have supported our decisions to return to Africa even in the midst of uncertainty.  The support they have given to us to continue to trust God in leading us on is very strengthening.  We could not do what we are doing without this support.

There is much uncertainty not only for us but for the care for the New Hope children who have been moved into Rwanda during this time.  They may not be able to return to the area of the city of Bujumbura in Burundi at this time as it is a volatile area and would not be safe.  This would mean a greater expense to care for the children with school and living expenses.  Thank you all who have helped out in the various ways needed.  We appreciate your prayers for wisdom for Ruben and Ray as they need to make decisions soon as to what to do for the next months.

Even though the elections in Burundi IMG_1713are set there is much instability in Burundi and the area.  This election is not a “done deal” and many voices are sharing about further conflict ahead.  We look to God as we move ahead but need to be wise in our decisions.

We are in Africa with a vison for the widows and orphans.  This picture below shows two orphans and the way they relate with each other.  Esther, the oldest girl was orphaned a few years ago in the mountains of Congo.  She walked with Ray eleven hours from her village to the children’s village in Emmanuel centre  where she received care and education and now is in New hope centre doing further studies.  Vanessa, the little girl is Burundian, the youngest of five children who are orphaned due to their parents being poisoned by neighbours so they could take their land.

We are in Africa because we believe God has an amazing plan for the generation of children left without parents and guidance as they manoeuvre the violence happening all around them.

We need sponsorships for children if anyone is led to help you can contact us…maryabale@gmail.com or rmabale@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest and prayers for the dear children who have need of help.