Moving to a safe place.
Moving to a safe place.

Like many thousands of people these dear ones have moved from Burundi to a safer place during the crisis here. We are thankful to you who contributed to this move for the children and mamas we help care for.  Unlike so many, because of the support from people who care, they have a peaceful home, food and the children are able to be in a school to continue with their education.

Many areas of the city of Bujumbura have undergone violence during this pre-election time. There has and is much fear of what may and what has already taken place.  We from western countries find it hard to fathom the kind of life and injustices that are taking place.  I find myself angry then sad and emotions that are up and down constantly. Tears come easily, not seemingly having control over when it happens.

Ray and I felt it was important for myself and Boss to come back to Canada during this time of insecurity.  My sister has been very ill with cancer so I took this opportunity to come to see her.  There has been ongoing rumours of the crisis in Burundi and region becoming an ethnic thing and didn’t want Boss to be in the country if it became that way.

Many friends who have also left the country to go to their countries of origin to wait out the conflict and we all have found it hard to have left.  Ray continues to stay in Bujumbura and keep up to date with work in Congo and communications with Ruben and our New Hope children in Rwanda.  Projects in Congo are moving along slowly but still moving.  We are thankful for that and trust God will show us how to continue with it all. The children’s home in the high plateau of Eastern Congo is doing well and children are safe.  We are trusting the much needed cement to finish the school will have reached the village by now. It is dry season in that region which makes it easier to travel on the less than adequate roads.

As for now we wait to see the outcome of the next week in Burundi and hope Boss and I can return to our home there soon.

I find myself challenged  returning to Canada at this time.  Friends and family are more than loving and supportive but to try to explain to people what I feel or what life is like back in Africa right now is extremely difficult.  As emotions seem out of control at times I tend to want to hide away and feel safe.  Safe from “what..or who” I ask myself but that is the “feeling” I come up with.

There is great sadness that so many people, some of whom we know are struggling with loss of jobs, food prices rising, hope waning and lots of fear of the unknown. Many church leaders have left the country long ago due to fear or whatever  and there are thousands of people in churches without shepherds to care for them during this time. Often we have people at our gate just asking for prayer and some food.

Friends have asked us why we don’t just return to Canada where it is safe.  That alone shows us that there is not an understanding of what God has called us too even though we appreciate the love behind these questions.  It is almost impossible to explain that question.  I guess we just know we are to still continue now more than ever to press on with what God has called us to.  The work in Congo has not stopped. People need encouragement now more than ever.

We are thankful to our family and our church family for the continued support during this time of challenge and crisis.  The unknown is every before us and waiting is hopefully producing something in us which is eternal.  Our prayer is that God’s Kingdom will indeed be established throughout the earth and His will done.  There is no other answer for all that is happening in the world today.

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