What about Congo?

Inspite of us being isolated in Burundi during this crisis progress continues over the border in Congo.

The foundation for one building on the new land is finished.  Cement is purchased for transport to the high plateau so the school for Emmanuel Centre children’s home can be finished.  Ray and Emmando hope to be able to get across to Congo to check on further work to be done.  This of course is contingent on the border security between Congo and Burundi.

Some people are asking “what are you doing while waiting around in Bujumbura”?  We thought perhaps we should give a report of our plans and progress.

While waiting, we are accessing funds here that so many have sent for support for the children from New Hope centre moved to Rwanda for a safer place to  live during these months.  A bank account is being set up in Rwanda so funds eventually can be transferred there for daily running of the homes. We hope we can travel soon to Rwanda to visit the children and give a first hand report of how they are.  Ruben and his wife are there right now overseeing the care of the mamas and children. Ray is in contact daily with Ruben and how the children are doing.

We are supporting our friend Chrissie Chapman as she is caring for her children’s home here in Bujumbura and the many daily needs during this time.  There was a funeral recently of one of the children in her care and Ray was able to be a help with that.  In these days everyone who is left in the city is looking out for one another and it is a time of “pamoje…”  unity and togetherness.(in swahili)

It is sad to see so many church leaders who have left the country in these days and the people in their churches are left on their own.  When the shepherds are gone the sheep scatter.  It is a sad outcome.

Our cook, Audace and his wife and child came today to say thank you for his job with us and care for him and his family. His wife and child are on their way to stay with family in Rwanda.  It is sad time realising how many people are suffering in separation from family in these days.  Audace will stay here in our compound now as it is unsafe for him travelling back and forth from his home.

Thank you all who have so generously supported the children we help care for with Ruben and his wife.  There are many who have no help and are on their own.

I found this quote the other day and share it with you.

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.’

_ Gandhi

Showing the children the book of pictures of themselves!
Showing the children the book of pictures of themselves!