These Days!

  “These are the days my friends, I wonder how they will end.”

Today I give thanks for life, for family and friends.  I even give thanks for electricity, water, food and a place to call home here in Africa.

I don’t understand why God has given us such blessings when I see so many struggling to even survive.  There is so much I don’t understand.  These days here in Burundi people are loosing their lives fighting for change in the way their country is governed.  People don’t have enough food or jobs and are running away to  countries nearby  fearing for their lives.  Some leave their homes wondering if they will be there if and when they can return.

Each day the men who work for us seem more concerned and sad.  They want to believe there will be better days ahead and a future for their children.  They have hopes and dreams like we do in Canada but the dreams  are continually dashed.

The questions I have these days are many.  What are we able to do being here,? How can we make a difference in the limited way we are able to even move around with the insecurity?  Even though I do know only God can bring change in lives and nations, however here we are trying to deal with this craziness.

There is much happening daily here and it is not clear to us exactly how things are going to play out in the days ahead.  For now we try to keep family and friends informed as best we can.  Every day is different.  Some days it seems as though it is business as usual here.  Other days we hear about grenade attacks and people killed, we see blockades in streets, no gas, shops closed and on and on. Tensions are high as people wait to see what will happen.  As people make decisions to leave the country or stay, we try to support them in whatever they decide.

We still have not been able to get to the children’s home we work with due to the barricades in the streets near the home but are in constant phone contact.  The mamas are with them and a young man who administrates things at the home. They are safe and doing okay despite fear triggered from past traumatic events. There are plans in place if things should escalate and we need to move the children.

Thank you to all who are praying and giving encouragement in these days.  We realise again how important it is to be part of  a community.