Sometimes bad things do happen.

Bad things do happen from time to time and it is important to not become a prisoner of your fears.  How we respond in the bad times makes all the difference in how we continue to survive them.

I have been faced with how I respond to some bad things these days.  My usual tendency is to hide like a turtle inside my shell where I feel safe.  Much can be going on around me but in my little world it seems okay.  Even hearing about the bad is disturbing but hiding does not make them go away.

We often make ourselves prisoners of our fears.  I recognise I have done this.  Yesterday I became aware how different situations can be when I step out of my turtle shell where I feel safe from all the bad stuff and now even maybe some grenades or gunfire, and venture out beyond that zone of fear.

We heard that the road down to some friends place was clear of demonstrators and safe for travel so we drove out of our compound, through one part of the city and visited our friends for a couple of hours laughing and sharing how we are all managing through this very challenging time. It was a very real encouragement to meet together and if we had stayed hidden away fearing what “could” happen we would have missed this wonderful strengthening time.  I can hear some of you saying, “but was that a wise decision?”  Of course checking on the situation was something we did first but if we had stayed in fear we most likely wouldn’t even have checked.

We do need one another in good times and bad.  We were not meant to stay alone hiding.  Fears come in different packages at different times and places.  Whatever the fear is it can be a prison so that we don’t venture out beyond ourselves.  Facing bad times together makes us stronger to deal with what comes.

I am thankful today for all the family and friends who are an encouragement to me.