Uncertain times

As we look over the city of Bujumbura this morning with the lake glistening in the sunlight and birds singing one would  never imagine the level of  tension and fear in the air. 


The President of Burundi is scheduled to make a speech today letting the population know if he is planning to run for office again or not.  There is much speculation and rumours around as to what could happen after that. In a country which has such a violent history we understand how fear of what could happen is so real.

For us wazungus (white people) we listen to people we trust about the events unfolding, we pray and stand with others in faith and trust God who is Sovereign over all.

Practically we have stocked up on rice, beans and other items incase travelling into the city may be hindered due to demonstrations.

From our home we can hear the sounds of worship and prayer coming from churches across the city.  There is also the sounds of loud speeches and cheers coming from the headquarters of the President’s political party. I am struck with the realisation that history is being made today and whatever the outcome of the President’s speech today a course will be set for the future of Burundi.  There will be a direct impact on all the countries here in the Great Lakes area of Central Africa.

Some people we know have left the country in fear, many have stayed.  It has been a privilege to hear some of the thoughts of people who are not leaving right now.  One can never judge people’s reactions in times like these. We just listen and wait to see what lies ahead in the next days and weeks.

“Lord help us not to react to what we hear or see but rather that we respond to the Holy Spirit.”