IMG_5265Several times we have visited the village next to our land in Congo this lady is there carrying heavy loads in a basket on her back.  She is always laughing and engages with me in our limited way.  I am amazed at the joy she emulates in the midst of what I consider a very challenging life.  My perspective of her life with much hardships causes me to feel sorry for her but seeing her each time full of joy makes me very aware I really don’t understand much about life here.IMG_0436 Living in this country is challenging me daily in so many areas.  My western mind set is not helpful.  Often I have decided if things are not comfortable for me they are not good. If things don’t work they must be fixed.  Of course that is true but maybe things don’t always need fixing according to our time frame.  Maybe the process of working it all out is the most important.  Maybe relationships with people should be the priority and not the actual “getting it done.” I have noticed African people are generally more ready to visit with those around than to hurry to do the work at hand.    Someone said “You have to be around people you don’t understand so you can learn something.” “You have to be around people who stretch you.”

I do realise I don’t like to be stretched but I do want to learn and grow.  These days I feel stretched in every direction.  I thought by now I could get along with most people.. It seems there is always a deeper place to go to in life of understanding and loving.  Maybe we never really reach that place in this life time.

We begin another chapter of life here in Africa, continuing to learn and trying  to understand.

A young man from Canada, Connor Clerke has been with us doing photography and video of our work here and will help us with a website.  He has been a great help and we look forward to showing his work in the months ahead. Presently he and Ray are on a 9 hour moto ride up into the High Plateau of Congo visiting our children’s village there.  Roads have washed out and heavy rains continue to play havoc in some areas. I expect them to arrive back Thursday.

Meanwhile here in the city of Bujumbura demonstrations continue to take place as the election is due to take place.  The President has not shared anything yet about whether he will remain in office or step down and that is causing great tension among the population.

I am thankful for friends here who continue to keep me informed of the security situation and are willing to help at any time. Our guard and cook are also keeping track of news and letting me know what is happening day to day.

Life continues to be a great adventure.