The bravest journey of all begins within. Often our biggest battles are hidden ones. (Michele Perry)

We are now living back here in Africa!

Although the process of moving yet again has been one of peace it is wrapped with many challenges for me and a grieving I am surprised to have encountered.

Perhaps it is a sense of loss leaving our family and friends.The last two years we have lived in Canada while Ray has been involved with a team of leaders in our church helping bring some changes there. I have found it hard to write in this blog while there. I am not sure of all the reasons except it was a time of transition and I couldn’t process it all clearly.

The journey we are on is one of joy and adventure as well as one of much instability for me. I always thought I was a person who could weather a lot of change but am finding that not to be so true. At some levels it has been very difficult. Just because something is right it doesn’t mean it is easy.
Being in Canada for the past two years has been healing and we were able to sort out some things that happened in our past time in Africa. We enjoyed the wonderful conveniences of living there and of course our family and friends. All the while we knew Africa was not finished with us and prayerfully waited to see when we could return. What belongings we have in Canada are in boxes. What we have had here packed away for two years is being re-discovered and dusted off to put in yet another rental home. This home is a gift from God to us as it is good rent plus it has a view of Lake Tanganika and the mountains of Congo. We know it will be a place for many others to enjoy also.
Our journey continues and even though we really don’t know the road ahead we are following the One who does.

Moving our belongings yet again!
Moving our belongings yet again!