My life has re-arranged itself between two countries!

Somehow my life has re-arranged itself between two countries and I am still trying to figure it out!
Why do we always think we need to do that? I mean why try to “figure” it all out? Perhaps the adventure and wonder of it all should be enough?
This morning I am hearing a beautiful haunting pan flute music wafting through the air mixed with hundreds of various bird songs. It is as if new music is created constantly if you listen carefully to what is around.


The sky has a beautiful orange glow just before it peeks over the hills surrounding the city.
There is just a very short time while this happens and then…everything is awake. Roosters crowing, people going to work, bicycles, cars, horns honking, workers sweeping the compounds and washing cars. It is time to get on with the day.
Soon a man will appear at our door asking (in Kirundi) if he can come and wash the floors and clean. I often feel overwhelmed having others work for us, knowing it is often not done the way I would like. I want to re-do almost everything that the workers have done.
Our land lady would be embarrassed if the men who work for her did not do the work so I do have to be careful to comply.
We were planning to travel to Congo today however Ray got sick and is not able to do much of anything. He is very weak. The tests taken show he has amoebas (amoebic dysentery). He is never sick so this is a challenging time for him to say the least. Needless to say our plans for the next couple of weeks have changed dramatically. We are thankful for a Dr. who seems helpful and friends who are supporting and praying.

We make our plans but God does direct. Waiting yet again, we listen and trust we can hear how to proceed with what we have felt to do.
Thank you to all of you who continue to be interested in the work we have given ourselves to here in Burundi/Congo. When we are weak we do see God’s faithfulness revealed in many ways.