A story from our flight to Nairobi Kenya

I sat beside a woman on the flight from London to Nairobi Kenya.  I noticed she was wearing a sari and seemed very weak. She had a bible on her lap wrapped in cloth and several times she would wake up from sleeping and read it.  I didn’t know what language it was in but it was not English.  Several hours later she spoke to me asking help filling in her landing card for Nairobi.   I tried to help her and in the course of our conversation found she was a christian and that she had been having treatment in the U.K.for fourth stage cancer.  She had been there for three years.  We talked about Jesus and how she felt He was helping to heal her.  Her husband is Sikh as she was.  For three years she read her bible, wasn’t able to go out from the place she was staying.  I asked her how she came to know Jesus and she said while she would be praying to the gods of the Sikh religion she would see a light and someone she thought may be Jesus.  He revealed himself to her during those times.  She asked her daughter who was a christian about what she saw and thought. Her daughter gave her a bible.

She told me that she is not in a church yet because  of her illness but she knows she must get baptized now and while in Kenya with her children she will do so. Her husband does not believe in the Jesus of christians she told me but she is believing he will come to know Him.  She said many from the Sikh religion were coming to know Jesus and that the Sikh followers were not happy about that and some very angry.

It was an amazing time listening to her and seeing the light in her face as she talked about Jesus.  I asked if I could pray with her for healing and as she took my hand I felt such a presence about her.  She cried and said she had asked Jesus if he could bring someone to sit beside her to help her with the language and signing cards etc.  What an encouragement to me that there is much going on beyond the circle of what I know.

She asked me if I know all the words of the Bible….of course I don’t but she said she has for three years read and meditated on Jesus words and is learning them so she can memorize them in her heart.  Imagine!  I felt like I held my breath listening to her  watching her face as she hugged her bible to her heart treating it like a very special gift.  I encountered  something in that time I will never forget.