Back in Africa

We are back in Africa after being in Canada for the past months.
Despite the Ebola scare we decided to follow through with our plan to return here to Burundi/Congo for 7 weeks.
It may seem foolish to some for anyone to come to Africa with all the news of the epidemic facing the African continent and the world however there is always opportunity for fear as one moves ahead into plans for their lives.
This morning a friend dropped by to say hello and we talked a bit about the fears around Ebola. He shared very wisely concerning it all saying, “we have passed through many hardships but we pray and trust God to show us the way through this time”. Fear can cripple us from doing anything.
When we first came to Africa in 2002 there was still a war happening in Burundi and gunfire was heard daily. Killings occurred continually and we could not leave the city of Bujumbura because of curfews due to the insecurity. Having survived those days, we trust God will lead us as we continue to move on into the purpose for which we are in Africa now.
Power and water are off an on continually here and people say it is worse than ever before. There is always a way to manoeuvre through the frustrations and lack that is obvious. Patience and keeping ones eyes on what is important is necessary. It is however a challenge to keep food items well in a fridge without power!

During our time here we have plans to visit DRCongo, the high plateau area where Emmanuel Centre children’s home is, Ecole Shalom and the new land and the village next to it. While here in Burundi we can often visit New Hope Centre children’s home. It is also a great opportunity to visit friends here we have lived and worked with for many years. They have helped us in many ways to get settled again in the country for this time.
As we spend time here pictures and updates will be put in this blog as internet allows.

Late this afternoon we had a torrential rain storm which is the way of things in rainy season. We arrived back from a visit with friends to some of the apartment flooded! After a couple of hours we are almost finished sweeping water out of the apartment.
Until next post…