Adventure in africa

I was just thinking oIMG_3722f all the amazing experiences we have had since coming to Africa this trip and want to share a few with you.
This is a picture of Pastor Titus from Uganda speaking to a group of pastors in Kigali. Ruben, Ray and I took part in this time and were greatly blessed and challenged. Titus is an African father to hundreds of pastors in many African countries.

Titus was speaking about being a leader and the ways of God in leading congregations.

One statement he made which impacted me amongst many statements was “God gives grace in the little area you have.”  He shared many stores of men who said they had nothing but when asked what they did have they realized they did have something.  One man complained he had nothing but then it was pointed out to him he had some orange trees.  As he was faithful with what he had he ended up with orange groves and trucks eventually came to collect the oranges and now he has a big business. If you are faithful with the little, God gives more.

We were so thrilled to connect with these many African pastors who are poor but desiring to be faithful servants in the areas they have been given.  What a privilege to be with them.

Some funny stories:

One morning I went to use the toilet in the church building we were meeting.  The toilet is a long drop.(you squat over a hole in the floor and splash water over it to send it on it’s way) As I began the process, a big lizard fell on my head and I screamed of course!  When managing to escape from that place with dignity…I noticed some pastors outside the toilet staring at me with  great concern!  Yikes…how embarrassing.

Another not so amusing situation….one morning I came into the kitchen where we are staying and there was an apparent hatch of little ants everywhere, thousands of them crawling all over the sink, wall, and floor!  As I got the spray to try to kill them I found them crawling up my arms and legs!!  What a

mess…something I could definitely do without.

Getting my yellow fever shot!  It is much cheaper here to get the shot and mine was over due.  Our friend Libby had just got hers and informed me where to go etc. You have to go to three different places to get a certificate and then go somewhere else to get it signed. You pay first then proceed to find the right place to get the shot.  We found the place eventually and then had to go to another gate.  Once in the compound of rather delapitated buildings and trying three different places and trying to understand where to go we found the office where I was to have this needle.  Needless to say I was not too sure if I wanted to have  an injection from someone in this place. A man finally called me into a curtained room and I sat on a wooden chair looking at a rather dirty table and a rusty fridge which was housing this liquid that was to be injected into my arm.  A rather dirty stainless steel bowl was filled with cotton balls in some liquid.  It all looked a bit suspicious. The man was very kind however we didn’t understand each other.  He didn’t even speak french so Ray couldn’t communicate with him…I prayed.  I have my shot and am still alive so thanks be to God.

There are so many funny experiences that we have experienced and remind us of the many facets of life in a country much different than Canada.

some more photos
Boss David’s grandmother and an aunt looking at pictures of some of our Canadian family.