Our trip to Rwanda.


The waiting for documents is now over! We can travel across the borders of Burundi, Congo and Rwanda now. The documents that have been the most challenging to get will be good now until 2016!

Tuesday we drove six hours through the hills of Burundi and Rwanda into the city of Kigali the capital of Rwanda. As we left the city of Bujumbura the road winds through high hills that are covered with banana groves, and as we climb higher,tea and coffee plantations. The early morning sun shows off the many shades of green in the valleys and on the hillsides. The coffee bushes along the road are ripe with red and yellow berries. Every so often we can see women picking the berries and the beautiful colours of the fabric they wear just add to this amazing picture.
The road was very busy with hundreds of bicycles carrying sometimes hundreds of pounds of charcoal. They careen down the middle and both sides of the road and we have to try to manage not to hit the children walking along the sides of the road.

Kigali is a very peaceful, orderly and clean city. As we cross the border from Burundi we were amazed. It was a bit of a culture shock.
Our time in the city was full as we attended a gathering of pastors which was very encouraging.
There are plans to work together with some of these men as we move forward in plans for our work in Congo.

We had the privilege of meeting with Boss David’s maternal grandparents, some uncles an aunt and cousins. It was a very special time for Boss David and a real connection especially with his grandfather.

We realize what a big African family we have become part of.
Friday we are going across into Congo and I will post more pictures of how things are progressing there.
We leave Africa next Wednesday with sadness. After all the challenges we have felt settled into life again here and now we leave again. There is still much to do, people to visit and plans to make.