My own thoughts and struggles.

I must admit, that I have gone from much struggle with lack of personal comforts to finally “feeling” like I can do without some of them!  That is, if everyone else around me is doing without as well!  When we are all in the same boat…it is rather comforting.  We also don’t notice so much the lack of ironed clothes…nicely blow dried hair…even the fact you have had some  rather “sweaty” nights without a fan.

Seriously, I realize I have major control issues…and now…lack of any control in my environment.  The fact I cannot travel with Ray up till now…maybe tomorrow it will be possible???  I have gone from anger, desperation (I am OUT of here) to now hopefully just waiting and resting in the fact everything is out of my control….and unless God decides to help …I will still be waiting for my documents until we leave on our plane for Canada.  Oh wait, there still is yet another document which has to be processed for me to even leave now!  imagine!

This frustration has caused me to really look more closely at what is important and what has been amazing in our time here so far.  One can think in arriving here..”right…let’s just get on with our program.”  God may be saying…your program is only YOURS and not mine!

Building relationships most often happens when we are “stuck”and can’t work out things ourselves…we need others…That is how God has designed His church.  It is in working together we see God…He dwells in the  MIDST of His people.  Whether in Canada or Africa there is no difference..we need each other.

I am amazed at the beauty around us here, the colours, sounds, the contrasts that make one sit up and notice. Listening to Ruben and Mama Beas stories of their lives and watching how people interact with one another is beautiful.

Every evening around 5:30 and 6 people are walking or biking home from their work and the streets are crowded with people stopping to talk.  They shake hands, hug and laugh together.  The smiles on their faces show they love the relating which is constant.  It is if there is always a hunger deeper than food and that is the relationships around them.

We in the west often are looking at our clocks to make sure we are on to the next appointment or meeting.  Here time is not something to be held hostage to but relating with others is the priority.

As we are nearing the end of our time here I am feeling a sadness in leaving.  I always wonder what that is…I love Canada, our family and friends but what is it that I sense here that affects me so deeply?

I leave you now wishing I could send you a huge wave of this heat, the scent of the flowers…mixed with great amounts of dust blowing everywhere.  The early to mid afternoons are quieter as people are taking a rest from the heat but soon it will be busy with many voices, bikes passing and radios blaring.

thanks for reading this.  I do hope you can catch something of our heart for Africa….especially Congo.  There is much that can be done…come and see yourselves!

 This is me…waiting!