A Trip into Congo.

Well finally Ray made it across the border into Eastern Congo! Boss and my documents continue to be hung up in some officials office in Burundi. As frustrating as it is we can’t do anything about it.
Ray was encouraged about all the work being done on the new pieces of land near Uvira. There have been delays while sorting out documents for the land and the people who will begin work clearing it but
apparently all that is going well so we can progress further.

Discussing plans.
Discussing plans.

The village right on the border of our land is very poor. We are employing some of the people to clear land and to build a road way into the land from the main road. There will also be opportunity for some of the local population to learn some new methods of planting food crops on one part of the land.IMG_3632

We are excited to be able to begin laying the foundation for the community training centre. The village people are pleased to have Wazungus (white people) nearby. There is a stream on our land and the village but it is very bad. Already we have people working on getting a proper line into our land and hookup for the village to use. People from the city have been dumping garbage across the road from the village and we have approached officials about sorting that out as well. We want to bless the population in the area we have our land and believe we can make a difference in their lives.