Building with living stones on Godly foundations.

As we contemplate on how we are moving forward it is clear that the vision we have is not something we have thought up but this  was spoken of many years ago by Godly men and women who had a dream from God for their country and their people.

Far be it that we from North America could understand much of the  hardships people in Africa have experienced.  There have been many men and women of faith who have cultivated and sown  seeds of faith throughout history.  We have come along in our ignorance but with love and service to walk and work alongside some wonderful people to see some of their dreams come to fruition.

During this trip to Burundi and Congo we have heard some things that were spoken in the past now coming about.  God’s word never returns to him without accomplishing what it was intended to do.

Fathers and mothers are praying their sons and daughters will walk in freedom in this land and that peace will come.



IMG_3407There are half a million Congolese refugees living in neighbouring countries since 2012. We visited one refugee camp in northern Burundi which has 9,000 Congolese living in it. Some children we know have been placed back into this camp while waiting to be “processed” by UNHCR. This waiting process is taking a very long time for many of these people. One lady has been in this camp for ten years! We continue to pray for these ones that they will remain strong and sickness will be far from them.