No power, no water!

Living in the city of Bujumbura the capital city of Burundi has it’s challenges!  It is situated on Lake Tanganika, surrounded by beautiful lush green hills.  There are huge buildings going up all around the city in the hills and down near the lake and new restaurants popping up all over.  One would think all things are well here…however, things are far from well.  The infrastructure is very poor and the care for people who live here  is very bad.  Obviously there are the rich, the ones who have much but the majority of the population is suffering greatly.

Our son Boss said the other day, “I feel so sad that we have lots and all these people looking at us have nothing'”  We were taking food up to the refugee camp for some children we know who recently were moved back there and Boss said, “we should buy up all that is in the shop.” oh if that could only solve the problems!

A woman who used to work for us and help with care for Boss when he was a baby came to see us yesterday.  She had a small business in the city we had helped her establish.  The city officials closed down all these small places and they had to move.  The issue is there is no place to move to and how do they begin again.  They have to pay to set up their business and get no money back when closing them.  Talk about human rights??  You can see all the rich people going about their day and so many more people struggling to exist.  Women with dried up breasts trying to feed babies who are coughing and sick and so thin sit around looking for some help.  How can we possibly help them all???

So…we pray and do what God directs us each day focusing on the vision before us.  Each day there are so many opportunities wherever we are living…to extend love and care as we go along the way before us.

God did say we always have the poor among us and He was an example in how to be among rich and poor.

The water is off here every day.  Power was off four days, came on one night and now is off again.  When we ask someone about it they just say, it is a problem with the power company.  Everyone knows there is never any explanation or solution but we just “wait”.  Eventually maybe something will change.  In the west we have been blessed by having rights, needing answers, having more than we need daily…even in situations of poor people there is always food banks, missions for homeless and on and on.  However here…nothing but trusting God to provide..Help us Lord to trust you and to be grateful for all we have, and to know where and how to give from our supply.

In countries like Burundi and Congo, we can see why there are uprisings from anger and frustration when people are continually oppressed.

Our dear friend Ruben tells us that there is obviously much bad news but we do need to look to what is good news and report that.  It will encourage people and as we speak faith and love God’s way we will see different results.  How true.  So, we look today on what is good, lovely, of good report and we will look to what is beautiful in places where garbage is the most obvious…where poverty is all around.  Even in the midst of garbage flowers still grow.  I am reminded that in our new agriculture project in Congo they are using human and animal waste for fertilizer for the growing of the seeds…that will bring a harvest.  God IS faithful!


God you do see each person and every situation.