Ecole Shalom (a primary/secondary school) in Uvira Eastern Congo

children at Ecole Shalom in DRC..UviraEcole Shalom (school) was the first place we got involved in Eastern Congo. Pastor Ruben was building a primary school in the city of Uvira but because of lack of funding and challenges within the organization he was working with, everything came to a halt. When Ray saw this school and the possibility of what could take place here he looked for funding wherever he could. Hope for the Nations quickly got involved and provided funds to finish the primary school. Now this school has around 900 students attending and there is need of additions in the school compound.

David Freeman with Teachers
Our friend David Freeman from the U.K.has done training with the teachers over a period of five years, teaching a curriculum which brings a Godly perspective to education. Over these years he has trained the teachers, giving them a different approach to education with a Godly based curriculum. The testimony of these teaching sessions has been three years of 100% passes of students from Primary to Secondary school. This is almost unheard of in this area of the country. The infrastructure in this part of Congo has been destroyed in every way due to the ongoing conflicts within the country. We believe this school can be a model of how education with a Godly foundation can bring changes in the country.
Our plans are to continue to move forward in training in areas of education throughout this area of Eastern Congo, with the African teachers being involved.