Living in the present and building for the future.

I am a bit intimidated in writing knowing others can read about my life with family and friends both here in Canada and Africa.  It is important to me that the words I share and events are as accurate as possible.  There are many who are involved in my stories and I value each person as they have been woven into my life for purpose.

As I share I trust you can follow along and come to some understanding of life as it has been for myself and our family.

While here in Canada for these months we are part of a leadership team helping establish new leadership in our church.  It has often been a challenge to feel like we have one foot in Canada and one in Africa but God has given grace and is faithful to show us the way forward.

I am very thankful to my friends who continue to encourage me and inspire me to keep moving forward on this journey. At 65 years old there is still much to learn and experience.

looking to the future!
looking to the future!